MUST READ: 2 Fearless Analysts Say Senate Probe A Demolition Job Vs Duterte, OMG!

Analysts Say Senate Probe A Demolition Job Vs Duterte

Political Analyst Edmund Tayao called the senate investigation that pinned down President Rodrigo Duterte to alleged Davao Death Squad (DDS)  and vigilante killings in Davao City as "demolition job."

He added that the Senate witness and self-confessed DDS member, Edgar Matobato, appeared like he was "coached."

Tayao told ANC:

Clearly, it's a demolition job. When I was listening to the investigation, there's no other way to think of but as a demolition job.

For a while I thought the witness was very consistent with what he was saying but when he was already being asked on some supposedly common knowledge, suddenly he doesn't know anything about it. Clearly, he was coached.
On the other hand, University of the Philippines Political Science assistant professor explained in a separate interview on ANC that Senator Leila De Lima should conduct a senate investigation that would not appear like a demolition job.

I think Sen. De Lima should not stop rather she should see to it that the investigation has a direction and the direction should be in aid of legislation so it should not be perceived by the public as a demolition job against the president.
De Lima, a long-time critic of Duterte,  is leading the senate probe on the alleged extrajudicial killings on the anti-drug campaign of Duterte Administration.

The next senate hearing will be on Tuesday, September 20.

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