LOOK: 2 Seasoned Journalists PROVE Matobato is Lying, See The Facts!

Matobato is lying

A reporter for Reuters and an anchor on Radyo Inquirer has shared their quality experience covering news stories that detest senate witness,  Edgar Matobato's credibility.

On a Facebook status of Manny Mogato, reporter of Reuters and former defense reporter, showed his apprehension and doubts on Matobato's statements.


I was a defense reporter when then President Corazon Aquino signed an executive order in 1987 creating the Citizens Armed Forces Geographical Unit (CAFGU) replacing the unpopular paramilitary CHDF.

In the Defense Press Corps, the oldest news association  in the Philippines, reporters call the female journalists CAFGU - Annie Eugenio, Tess Terre Camarines and Atty. Noemi Alcala. The DPC was an all boys club back in the early 1980s although there were one or two women reporters, like Jessica Soho, Charie Villa and Cynthia Sycip.

So when Edgar Matabato testified in the Senate that he joined in 1982 as a CAFGU with the Army's Scout Ranger battalion in Calinan district, I had doubts about his credibility.

Boss, wala pa CAFGU nang 1982 at di ko alam kung may Rangers na sa Davao kasi Marines ni General Pong Biazon ang nandun. Si Del Lorenzana ang nagdala ng Rangers sa Davao City in 1988.
Meanwhile,  another journalist,  Arlyn Dela Cruz,  anchor of Radyo Inquirer, also pondered on the witness' statements.

I just have one question. If Edgar Matobato was with the DOJ's Witness Protection Program in 2014, why are we hearing all these only now?

I actually have other questions like....was there ever a mosque bombed in the 1990s? Did I miss that story? Naiskupan ba ako? Natulog ba ako sa pansitan?  Of course journalists can't cover and report about all stories, but a massacre involving Muslims as victims in Davao and a mosque bombed in the 1990s? Baka may naalala kayo. Enlighten me. Seryoso, Baka ulyanin na ako. Even Google can't help me.

In the meantime, matutulog na ako. Mas mahalaga ang tulog sa buhay ko.
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