Must Read: Amazing Commentary Of A Finance Minister On “Daang Duterte,” Inspiring!

Daang Duterte commentary

President Rodrigo Duterte has garnered over 16 million votes on the last May election. With more than a hundred days since he took the office as highest officials in the Philippines, Duterte has made significant changes which made Filipinos proud.

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Thus, an amazing commentary from a Finance Minister Awardee, Mr. Robert F. de Ocampo on Inquirer, has gone viral which highlights the colorful personality and leadership of the president.

On his commentary entitled “Daang Duterte,” he shared how the leadership of Duterte brought positive changes like the executive order of FOI, and even the frank statements for the United States President Barack Obama.

I believe him to be instinctively plain speaking and would eventually moderate his flowery language, but I likewise believe that the time has come for excessive focus on form to be balanced by a more incisive realization and analysis of the many substantive changes that have been introduced in a relatively short time.
He even commented on the anti-drug campaign of the administration and said that it can only be won by cooperation between the government and Filipinos.

Or we could lend our support to this war on drug lords and their ilk while simultaneously helping the government police its own ranks. Some studies that conclude all drug wars to be failures notwithstanding, this war can possibly be won with substantial cooperation between the government and the greater majority of society. The same attitude of intolerance extends to those who would engage in graft and corruption. Woe to those who don’t get the message.

The President’s order to have them eradicated is well deserved and should be hailed by the international community without reservation or human rights scruples.
On his parting words, he emphasized that the change has just started.

The seeds of change have been planted. Their taking root will depend on the President’s success in delivering on promises and meeting expectations through an “action speaks louder than words” modality. In any case, we have undoubtedly entered “Daang Duterte".