Amazing Remarks Of Political Analyst To De Lima, Stop Destroying Duterte, PNP, Davao!

Amazing Remarks Of Political Analyst To De Lima

The senate hearing led by Senator Leila De Lima on alleged extrajudicial killings in the intensified campaign of President Rodrigo Duterte against illegal drugs has been the talk of the town particularly on social media.

Netizens were not coy to express their opinion. Malou Tiquia, a political analyst and founder of Publicus Asia, shared her remarks about the senate hearing.

In her post, she explained:

Sen. De Lima, you are destroying the Presidency, PNP and Davao City with your witness. Let us stop these. Just like what LP did to Binay, I suggest after this hearing you file cases against all the people identified by your witness. That is if you truly believe in your witness.

PRRD has not reached 100 days and the demolition has started. This was your witness then when you investigated the DDS when you were CHR. Why did you not act on it then? Is this witness still within the resolution you filed on "EJK" or are you now stripping Duterte? And you are contradicting the Vice President that indeed, the Liberal Party is zeroing on PRRD?

After 17 hearings in the Senate against Binay and taxpayers money spent against him, what? I hope the hearing in your committee will truly be in aid of legislation. As a lawyer and former DOJ Secretary, I hope you file the necessary criminal cases fast. As officer of the Court, he mentioned criminal acts and unless it has prescribed, cases must be filed.
And netizens couldn’t agree less.

Can the government file a criminal charges to her witness as well as to De Lima since her witness can't support any documents just a mere speculatiom and poor script. They should be liable for this enough of LP moro moro!
That is the expertise of the yellow. But what is really annoying is that trillanes even tried turning off the mic of cayetano. He's a jerk
De Lima has completely destroyed her credibility. Enough is enough!
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