Anti-Duterte Will Surely Agree: 5 Amazing Points Vs De Lima

death of democracy

Hardcore supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte were often bullied and called as Dutertards.

And with the removal of Senator Leila De Lima on her chair, anti-Duterte once again voiced their anger and called the move as 'Death of Democracy'

A self-confessed Duterte supporter, Chito Pangilinan, blasts some netizens or he coined them as Anti-Duterte for protesting on the said issue.

He provided five remarkable points to prove his view.

According to those who consider themselves intellectually and morally superior than us who support president duterte, the replacement of senator de lima as chair of the senate's justice committee signals the "death of democracy" in the country. wow! five points:

(1) you mean you are actually convinced that senator de lima is impartial as committee chair, and that she is without any ulterior motives? what i saw in the last senate session are enough to convince me otherwise; maybe the 16 senators also felt the same, and they voted accordingly—isn't that democratic?

(2) you mean edgar matobato is a credible witness? you say that the inconsistencies in his testimonies do not mean he is not truthful, yet president duterte is pilloried because of the inconsistencies you notice in whatever he has to say?

(3) you think senator gordon will not be neutral and fair as the new chair—that quickly, even before he could start with his new task?

(4) the inquiry into the extrajudicial killings will still be continued (and rightfully so), and senator de lima is still a part of the committee—these do not exactly translate to "curtailing dissent", is it?

(5) senator de lima said that her ouster was a numbers game. i agree. this had happened in congresses in the recent past, but they were never seen as an assault to our democracy, were they?

death of democracy? nah, i don't think so. it is just your hatred for president duterte talking.
His post has gone viral and his fellow Duterte supporter couldn't agree less.

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