De Lima DENIES Blaming Duterte On Davao Bombings, Saying Davao Isn't the Safest Place, Intriguing!

So what's real?
De Lima denies blaming Duterte on Davao bombing

Recently, an alleged statement from Senator Leila De Lima about the bomb explosion in Davao City has been making rounds in social media.

The statement said:

It could be a strategy of Duterte forces to provide him reason to declare Martial Law, Davao is not the safest place after all.
This has irked tons of netizens in social media and commented the following:

eh ano ang safest place delima? bilibid?! my gosh! ano ba nagawa mo sa buong term mo as justice secretary?! do you even know yourself and the words coming out of your mouth?! just shut up! wala kang kwenta.. wala kang nagawa.. 
So You have proven yourself right after all .. DAVAO is not the safest ..Mas lalo naman kaming hinde safe hanggat buhay ka pa , Senadora! 
Grabe talaga sa pamumulitika itong si De Lima, for God Sake people have been killed and you have the gull to say it. Wala ka bang utak De Lima, Davao is considered safest among the the cities in the Philippines by standard but it doesnt mean exempted na sila sa risk. I expect an intelligent statement from you but none. Sana manahimik ka na lang as respect to the victims and the dead.
However, the senator denied she had never made any statement pointing the blame to President Duterte.

Reported by GMA News, the statement of the office of the Senator said:

Obviously, this statement maliciously attributed to her is part of the disinformation campaign designed to discredit her.

I can only characterize such a situation as martial law without the formal declaration.
Meanwhile,  the tragic incident had left 14 people killed and 71 injured.

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