"De Lima Will Really Go To Jail", Says Duterte

De Lima Will Really Go To Jail

During the induction of the oath taking of the officers of the MalacaƱang Press Corps, the MalacaƱang Cameramen Association and the Presidential Photojournalists Association, President Rodrigo Duterte said that Sen. Leila de Lima "will really go to jail".

Now that she (De Lima) is in trouble, she wants to drag me. She will really go to jail. I'm sure of that because of the testimonial evidence.

She will be jailed when everybody says, five (witnesses) could say that they contributed money. So on a national scale…who brought in the narco politics? It is here already.
When the president was asked if his statement is a go-signal for the Department of Justice (DOJ) to file charges against De Lima, Duterte replied:

Yes of course.

(Cases will be filed) after the investigations are finished. I am sure of my evidence.

She's (de Lima) the one who should be worried. Those are serious charges. She should not adopt a nonchalant attitude about all of these things. I said she opened the portals of narco-politics to take hold in the national level.
De Lima, fiercest critic of Duterte even before he assumed the presidency, has been accused of receiving millions of drug money when she was justice secretary to fund her senatorial campaign.

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Source: Philstar