Look: FRANK Gordon Slams Trillanes, Don't Be Harsh On Duterte!

Gordon Slams Trillanes, Don't Be Harsh On Duterte

Senator Richard Gordon slammed Sen.  Antonio Trillanes after seemingly defending Senate witness Edgar Matobato while using "harsh" words for President Rodrigo Duterte during Trillanes' privilege speech to the Blue Ribbon committee on Monday.

“I believe it is a slur to the committee because we’ve tried to be very, very fair. I find it very distasteful that he was talking for the witness. The witness is the best witness. You cannot supplant a witness with your own observations,” Gordon said.  
“Harsh words such as mass murderer is uncalled for. That is reserved for Hitler; that is reserved for Stalin, that is reserved for the president of Cambodia, Pol Pot,” he added.

During Trillanes' speech,  he asked for Senate investigation on the alleged "involvement"  of Duterte on the series of killings and execution in Davao City when he served as a mayor.

However,  during a chance interview,  Gordon reiterated:

“There is a process. You do not investigate a president. The only way you can investigate the president is through impeachment.”
Trillanes also presented documents to prove that Matobato is being truthful despite the accusation of his colleagues that the witness' statements were inconsistent.

“I am sure that prior to this inquiry, all of us have heard rumors of the Davao Death Squad and that Duterte was somehow behind it ... but we were able to look the other way because it was convenient for us to do so. All that has changed.”

Meanwhile,  Sen Miguel Zubiri explained that investigation for Duterte should be made on the House of Representatives, where an impeachment proceeding may be done.

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Source: GMA News