Furious Ex-DILG Chief Slams EU for Interfering In Philippines, Burn!

Recently, European Union issued a statement condemning the anti-drug campaign of President Duterte, suggesting that the killings of drug suspects must be properly investigated.

Former cabinet member of ex-President Fidel V. Ramos, and previous Department of Internal and Local Government (DILG) chief Rafael Alunan III expressed his thoughts through his Facebook account.

Interference in local affairs is alright if it is a mighty power that does it?

What right does the EU have to condemn an anti-drug campaign based on disinformation and order an investigation as if we are a vassal state? That goes for so-called Human Rights groups whose prejudgement favors the drug syndicates and addicts turned criminals.

Our authorities are upholding the law for the common good; and are fighting an uphill battle due to years of criminal negligence. Criminals and their enablers do not; and have all the money to buy media and fund the political opposition and so-called NGOs with whom they're in bed with.
Congress should issue a resolution condemning the interference in our internal affairs by foreign governments and non-state actors whose acts are by themselves violative of the human rights of the supermajority of Filipinos long terrorised by the drug menace and crying to be rescued.

The expletives are well-deserved.
In the comment section of his Facebook post, he added:

US and EU should mind their own business because there's a lot of their brokenness to fix. Stay away from us. We've suffered for over 400 years under your colonial rule and the consequences linger on. Get lost.
 Alunan’s post has gone viral and allowed the netizens to also speak up about it.

They have a very big problem regarding their financially strapped members and they still find the time to interfere in our domestic affairs. They must be idiots of the special kind.
Wonder why there's Brexit? They did that in the Central American drug wars too but stopped when one EU diplomat was kidnapped by Drug traffickers for ransom of course.
They are just a bunch of hypocrites with a very obtuse sense of white supremacy. We are a sovereign nation and Pres is right that these outside pakialameros should be called out if needed. Ang Pilipinas ay di na gaya ng dati na sunod sunuran sa kung anong gusto ng US, UN etc.
Duterte did not mind the statement of the EU and said that he will continue his intensified campaign to completely eradicate illegal drugs in the country.

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