Gibo Teodoro’s AMAZING Comment On Soldiers Waging War On Abu Sayyaf, “Soldiers Put their Lives At Greater Risk”

Gibo teodoro amazing comment on soldiers

Former Secretary of National Defense Gilbert “Gibo” Teodoro shared his views on the ongoing all-out-war against the Abu Sayyaf Group.

On his Facebook, he posted:

To those who may ask about the number of our casualties the answer is simple- our soldiers are taking extreme care to avoid collateral damage or harming non-combatants, often putting their lives at much greater risk.

He believes that soldiers are in greater danger because they followed a protocol; whereas, the rebel group does not follow any rules. He then added:

The irony is that Abu Sayyaf and Their allies follow no rules or any law, they take perverted pleasure in inflicting pain and killing innocents all in the name of their God: Money! We can take our objectives easily if we do not care about the welfare of non-combatants, but such is not the way of the soldier. This is the biggest difference between a soldier of the law and a terrorist.
Gibo emphasized that Abu Sayyaf will do everything in the name of their God: money.

Abu Sayyaf Group has been known for series of kidnapping in Mindanao particularly abducting foreigners and asking for ransom money to the families of their hostage.

Recently, Abu Sayyaf beheaded an 18-year-old guy whose family failed to provide a ransom for the victim. This has irked President Rodrigo Duterte that led to his decision on “destroying” the bandits.

Gibo’s status has gone viral and netizens shared the same sentiments as well.

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