Gordon Asks To Stop Blaming Gov't On Davao Bombings, Calls Filipinos To Support Duterte

stop blaming government in davao bombing

Senator Dick Gordon urged Filipino to stop pointing the fingers at the government, particularly to President Rodrigo Duterte.

He also reminded Filipinos that this tragedy is not a time to be timid and tentative.

On his Facebook status, he expressed his support to the president and asked everyone to pray for Davao City.

We commiserate and pray for the people of Davao City particularly the families of the 14 people killed and the 71 persons hurt as of the latest report.

This has happened before in Davao and was probably not unexpected considering the dastardly actions made previously by lawless elements who are now under unanticipated and effective interdiction from the government.

Let us all at this time be reflective, deliberate and calm as a people. Let us do our share by being constantly vigilant and alert as we continue with our daily normal lives and not allow such heinous acts to deter us from moving forward – for in allowing these incidents to stop our normal way of living, we would have allowed those who terrorize to win.
The President as Commander-in-chief has now called out our armed forces to suppress lawless violence. Our Constitution allows him to do so and taken alone he is not suspending the privilege of the writ of Habeas Corpus or proclaiming martial law. The Davao bombing is an act of terrorism by a known terrorist organization that must be outlawed by the full force of the law as provided in the Human Security Act of 2007 and other anti-terrorism measures.

Let us all support the President and our armed forces, and police forces and their families as well.
Sen. Gordon also clarified about the State of Lawlessness ordered by President Duterte. He said that the said announcement is not the same as martial law.

At the end of his post, he asked everyone to be united in prayer and support the President and the entire police forces in their campaign to destroy any form of terrorism in the country.

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