This Heartfelt Message Of Soldier Sent In Sulu To Fight The Abu Sayyaf Rebels Will Make You Cry!

May God bless our fearless soldiers.

With the ongoing all-out-war against the Abu Sayyaf Group, more troops from Armed Forced of the Philippines (AFP) and Philippine National Police (PNP) are now being sent to Jolo, Sulu

And one of the soldiers who will take part on crushing the rebel group is Major Arthur Dumalagan, an Executive Officer, and Innovator Battalion.

Recently, his post on Facebook has gone viral and caught the heart of many netizens

He said in his post:

Jolo, Sulu here we come,

This is our chance, many are willing but few are chosen to participate the war against terrorism. Many have already done their part but never have a proud story to tell.

We maybe coming home flag on top of our metal casket, rest assured we already crushed the enemy and send them all to hell before we give ours.

Blood may poured on the war thirsty yet a promised land that is what we pledge to do to let our beloved flag fly freely for you.

God will never say yes or no, Prayer is He wants from you that His soldiers will be as good and safe us you, watching the show that the world will always do, soldiers in thirst for PEACE so they may live a life they always made for you.

Major Dumalagan
AS7/Executive Officer, Innovator Battalion
September 1, 2016 - to date
President Rodrigo Duterte has ordered the PNP and AFP to “destroy” the Abu Sayyaf Group. Duterte ordered the said massive action after a recent beheading of an 18-year-old guy when his family failed to pay the ransom.

Meanwhile, Dumalagan post has garnered 87,000 likes as of counting and almost 17,000 shares.

Many netizens have expressed support and prayer for our soldiers who will fight for the peace and order of the country.