How This Japanese Media Admire Duterte Is Something That Filipinos Should Be Proud Of!

Once more, President Rodrigo Duterte is attracting international media's attention.
Duterte described as sugoi in japan

Japan TV featured President Duterte and they described him as 'Sugoi' or great President.

According to the video uploaded by Marjorie Mendoza, President Duterte is featured in newscast or TV shows almost everyday.

The Asian Policy asked Mendoza to translate what was said in the video and according to her, the panelists were giving their opinions about President Duterte. They talked about his cursing habit in which one panelist who's also a lawyer, says it is just an expression and not really intended to hurt people.

They also talked about Duterte's family background - having a public school teacher mother, a lawyer father and his children.

Even the accomplishments of the President when he was still Mayor of Davao like Central 911 was mentioned in the show.

His 91% trust rating in the Philippines was also mentioned which made President Duterte very popular.

At the end of the show, Japan TV recognized that President Duterte has a penchant of cussing, but described him as a 'Sugoi' President which literally means 'Great' or 'Awesome' in English.

Here's the entire video of the said TV show. Please watch.

In Fairness araw araw nasa Tv si President 󾌴 di lang puro negative pinapakita nila pati yung magagandang nagawa din ni Duterte.
Posted by 優菜恵美 on Thursday, September 8, 2016

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