VIRAL: Incredible Remarks Of Top Gear Editor To International Media About PH, Classic!

Vernon SarneTo International Media About Philippines

Former editor of Top Gear Philippines Vernon Sarne has spoken up about how international media recently portrayed the Philippines on the campaign against illegal drugs of the Duterte Administration.

And his remarkable remarks addressed to the International media has gone viral.

Dear international media, stop portraying the Philippines as terrifying to live in these days. That can't be farther from the truth. I can tell you I've never felt safer to go out at night. Heck, I've been biking in the wee hours and have never felt healthier. What's truly terrifying is the prospect of having Donald Trump as US president. Deal with that thought and leave us alone. We're fine, thank you very much. And to Filipinos cheering on every time a foreign newspaper paints a bad picture of the country, shame on you.

PS: I'm not pro-Duterte. I'm pro-Philippines.
He emphasized that he is pro-Philippines.

Recently,  international media has been highlighting the spate killings of alleged drug pushers in the Philippines.

Some even addressed human rights and petitioned President Duterte to stop the killings.

The articles seemed to imply that going to the Philippines is not safe at all.

Because of this, a campaign to free and clear the Philippines about the malicious news has started in social media.

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