Journalist Blasts Some Roxas' Supporters On Plot To Stage A Comeback, Uh-Oh!

Journalist Blasts Some Roxas' Supporters On Plot To Stage A Comeback

A veteran journalist appeared to blast a Mar Roxas supporter who he claimed suddenly became a human rights activist.

Freelance writer and photographer, Julius Mariveles, said that he find it amusing to see 'rabid' supporters of then presidential aspirant Mar Roxas as if suddenly turned to a human rights advocates.

I am amused, to put it kindly, to see rabid supporters of Mar Roxas in the last polls suddenly become human rights advocates raising their fists and urging everyone to take a stand for human rights. These are the same people who, when I was secretary general of Bayan in 1997-2001, were dismissing the killing of peasants and farmworkers as just "propaganda." One of them defends the military, justifying the killing as a necessity to preserve the government.

This self proclaimed professional researcher now makes it appear that she is an advocate of rights when she is actually not. Never been, never did. It is fatal to not take a stand against extra judicial killing under Duterte but it is equally fatal and stupid to not notice how this issue is being used as a convenient tool by partisan political interests who desperately want to stage a comeback.
The post went viral and netizens used the comment section to share their views as well.

Ikinakawing ang ejk kay pres digong! Napatunayan b nila? Wala e. Me thinks sila me gawa tas i accuse si pres digong! Try harder guys! No one believes your propaganda except you!
San kaya sila kumukuha ng kapal ng mukha ang LP AT ANG KANILA KULTO DILAW, pintas ng pintas sa ibang tao mas masahol pa sila, kung makapagsalita magnanakaw iba tao akala mo sila malinis.
The killings have been going on for so long. It need not even be questioned why now.... why not then nlng. Should the CHR be under scrutiny nlng for their inaction during those times?
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