Kat De Castro Blasts Some Netizens Saying KARMA & “Buti Nga” on Davao Explosion, Calls Filipinos to Unite

kat de castro blast some netizens

Department of Tourism Undersecretary Katherine “Kat” De Castro blasts some netizens who said that the recent bombing in Davao is a karma for the President Rodrigo Duterte.

On her Facebook account, she posted:

Davao City has always been there for other cities during times of tragedy. Yolanda, Kidapawan, you name it, tumulong sila. Yet some sick heads are laughing and even saying "karma yan!" Excuse me, pero mas naniniwala ako na those who laugh at the expense of innocent lives who perished...  Kayo po ang kakarmahin. But Davao City will still continue to help others even though they now must rise up from this tragedy. Yan ang maka-tao.
She even asked them if they still have compassion and mercy for the victims of the explosion. She also said that these people are the ones who will face karma.

On a different posting, Kat also clarified about the State of Lawlessness declared by President Duterte

The President has only declared State of Lawlessness. Yet some people react as if he just declared Martial Law. Oh man, even in the midst of tragedy, your hatred for the President knows no boundaries. In his efforts to make our country a better place to live in, Davao City is paying the price.

Dabawenyos need your comfort. Not criticisms. You pray for France, for Syria and for whatever. But when it comes to your own countrymen, you say "buti nga." Ask yourselves, what kind of monster have you become?
She emphasized that the State of Lawlessness does not mean Martial Law.
In the midst of tragedy in Davao, she even called for unity among Filipinos and to pray for the victims of the explosion.

This is not the time of bickering and pointing the blame to other; this is the time to send hope and comfort to all people particularly in Davao.