Lawyer Lambasts Fashion Blogger Who Wishes Philippines To Hit By Typhoon, Uh-Oh!

Lawyer Lambasts Fashion Blogger Who Wishes Philippines To Hit By Typhoon

Atty. Bruce Villanueva’s post on Facebook has gone viral once more.

Lambasting the tasteless remarks of a fashion blogger, netizens agreed on his open letter to the blogger.

Dear Bryanboy,

I would not have wasted an ounce of my time to write this post had you been some female fashion blogger who made some insensitive remark. Let the women patrol their own rank. But girl, you happen to be gay (or a metrosexual, if you deny gayness but justify senseless fashion victimization) and your airheaded and insensentive remark is kinda giving the rest of us a bad name.

You see, Bryanboy, you have been away so long from the Philippines and the fame you got from sitting next to Tyra may have jaded you or stunted your brain development. So let me inform you that since you have been gone, the gays left behind and those who left the country but cared enough, made a conscious effort to elevate the plane of the intellectual level of discourse of the LGBT so we will not be boxed in a sterotype of conventions that limited gay opinions only to crass language bereft of cranial value but full of demeaning and belittling words that offer more sensation but less substance.

That is the reason why many of us shun the palengke mode of warfare reminiscent of those times when gays like us where valued not by the opinions we made but by the entertainment we provide when we diss or demean people we do not like. Those times when arguments are won not by reason and logic but on who can muster up the nastiest, lowest and meanest chatacter assassination.

But those times have long gone. Some of us, have managed to be formidable opinion makers who created a following of intellectual heterosexuals who value our thought process regardless of our sexual choices. Yes, they still allow your opinions on fashion as respectable hence, your following . However, when you cross-over to political commentary, a topic that clearly needs a higher level of intellectual finesse and pedigree, make sure you do not fuck up because if you do, the rest of us suffer by association. If you predicted the trend for fall 2016 is yellow feathers and it turns out to be durian brown, it is not a stupid statement but a lapse in judgment.

However, when you pray for a typhoon to hit your country, cause a great deal of damage to your countrymen just because you want to teach a President you do like a lesson, that should be where the buck stops.Leave the political commentaries to us who know what we are saying and we will leave the distinction between maroon and old rose to your sound discretion. Because if you attempt to be witty but make such distasteful comments, you do not only hurt the reputation of your brain (which I presume is not that highly valued) but you hurt the rest of the gays who have valid points to say.

Because by resorting to tasteless commentary, you have effectively managed to bring us back to the past when people do not respect our opinion because people like you chose bad taste over real substance.
Bryan Grey Yambao, known as Bryanboy and a fashion blogger, took to twitter his abhorrence to President Rodrigo Duterte to the point of wishing the Philippines to be hit by a typhoon to serve as a lesson for Duterte.

This has called out the attention of netizens and slammed his insensitive remarks.