MUST READ: 4 Suggestions Of A Concerned Priest Urges Filipinos To HELP President Duterte

priest urges filipinos to help duterte

With President Rodrigo R. Duterte blasting the European Union (EU), a San Beda priest-dean encouraged Filipinos to help the President.

On the personal note of Fr. Ranhilio Aquino-Callangan on Facebook, he urged everyone to take part on the national discourage intelligently.


I just watched President Digong on TV berate the EU and shove a dirty finger towards the Brussels Parliament. These are tough times, and President Digong needs all the help he can get, even if he does not say it, even if he puts up the front of not needing it. No man needs no one!

First suggestion: Join the national discourse INTELLIGENTLY, and trolling is not it. A troll is an idiot who puts on the airs of a participant in discourse. In discourse, you challenge claims, you ask for their vindication. You make claims and you offer rational vindication. The President needs to hear more people and to entertain more views. He is an intelligent man and deserves more than Panelo's clowning.

Second suggestion: Applaud the President when he is right. When he announces relief for our soldiers, the elimination of bureaucracy, even when he reads out the names of robbers and villains in our government, applaud him. But do not applaud him when he curses, when he displays obscene gestures especially when these are covered by media. Just as Trump had to learn by being heckled some times, President Digong too has to learn that some kind of presidential "gravitas" is expected of him.

Third suggestion: Stand by the institutions of the Republic. Insist that our legislators keep Congress independent of although helpful to the Executive. Defend the courts, especially the Supreme Court, against any attempt to erode judicial independence. Public opinion counts for much. Never join in slandering the church. It has lasted longer than any government and it will be around long after Caesars lose their thrones.

Fourth suggestion: Be as vigilant against peddlers and pushers of dangerous drugs, as against other agents of death -- among them, law-enforcers who believe that they have the right to kill at will. Send leads, hints, clues, anonymous tips to law-enforcement officers on drug-dens, on peddlers' whereabouts, on clandestine laboratories, if you hesitate about coming out in the open. But when you know for a fact that a law-enforcer has shot to death someone who was no threat to his life at all, then be a willing witness against the law-enforcer. Do not trade your birthright for a bowl of pottage, like Esau.

IF YOU TAKE OFFENSE AT THESE SUGGESTIONS, YOU MUST BE STUPID IN THE EXTREME. These are suggestions, not doctrines. If they are not to your liking, ignore them, but you have absolutely no business being angered by them! Make suggestions of your own, if you have any.
His post has gone viral and netizens in social media have agreed on his suggestions.

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