MUST READ: De Lima CHECKMATE, But Is She Out Of Power?

Senator de Lima out of power



Just like the Emmy award winning #GameOfThrones, the sudden and unexpected events at the Senate plenary turned my news feed abuzz of posts and memes even though more than 6 hours had passed already.

Nobody, not even the most expert of political analysts were able to predict such a move by our senators - was this an underhanded move by the majority in the Senate? Was it a strong show of numbers game in support of the administation? Or was this an exercise of democracy that clearly mirrored the sentiments of the people?

Poor Senator Leila Delima, after her demise on the Senate floor she is still on her blame game stance. She still does not realize that she was actually given that rare opportunity to lead a committee, not just an ordinary committee but the powerful Committee of Justice and Human Rights. She could have pondered more and perhaps have chosen to transform herself as the shinning beacon of truth and justice, but what had she done with that rare chance?

Being a novice senator, at that, in just 3 sessions she already lost control of the committee she painstakingly spearheaded. This clearly reflected how poor her management style was and the lapses in her decision making.

And since the committee hearing was aired live on air, the people were quick to notice that she was clearly on a path of destruction and demolition of the democratically elected administration. It did not even bother her, possibly because of limited comprehension, that she might drag down the very sacred institution that granted her the power and the august body that put her into such position.

Another factor of her untimely demise from power is the strong and unwavering support of the Filipino people bestowed upon President Duterte. The kind of support that would drive anyone to envy. We should also acknowledge the overwhelming support of key politicians, even with their own motives and colors, they still expressed the desire to see to it that the goals of the administration would succeed.

Of course, there will be some dissenting opinion. Voices that seem to be just nuisance noise to the ears of the majority. But that is perhaps the beauty of our vibrant democracy, where every opinion matters. They must be heard since their voices are valuable too.

Problems would only arise later when these dissenting voices become unhealthy for the Republic. When these voices are no longer the opposition criticisms but voices that start to instigate actions that will undermine the sovereignty and security of the nation. When they are no longer voices but have knowingly turned it into insidious plans to overthrow a democracy, whose only end is to grab power.

When those voices conspire already and crosses the boundary of sedition then perhaps it is time to defend the nation, at all cost.
There might still be a tomorrow for Delima as she has to prepare her privilege speech. It will be a long night for her, sleepless in Seattle perhaps in seething anguish. But I hope she does not desire to fool anyone this time around.
This interesting Facebook post is from Licinio Angel Lopez Talip.

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