Netizens Slam 3 Local Journalists As Behind Time Controversial Article About PH, Calls Them Traitor!

3 Local Journalists Behind Time Controversial Article About PH

Photos pinning down three local journalists have been circulating online appearing to extend hands on Time's writer Rishi Iyengar,  to come up with a report about the anti-drug campaign of Duterte Administration.

Netizens were quick to screenshot  Iyengar's Facebook post tagging ABS-CBN reporter Gretchen Malalad, and Inquirer writers Ramon Royandoyan and Kimberly Dela Cruz on the comment section.

It looks like Iyengar is being thankful to the mentioned mediamen.

Malalad and Dela Cruz even congratulated Iyengar for making his story a cover story.

The story was the front page cover of Time magazine which is about to publish on September 26.

Netizens slams the local journalist and even named them as a traitor.

One viral post slamming Malalad has gone viral in social media.

The face that can launch a thousand TRAITORS in the Philippines.

Thank you, Gretchen Malalad, for feeding the wrong information to the Time Magazine correspondent and painting your own country as a killing field. Your fellow countrymen are extremely proud of your lack of integrity.

Judas Iscariot just found an apprentice in the Philippines.

This post has reached over 5,000 shares.

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