INTRIGUING: News Editor Questions De Lima’s Credibility On Senate Hearing, WOAH!

News Editor Questions De Lima’s Credibility On Senate Hearing

Senate witness, Edgar Matobato, coined as an “explosive” witness by Senator Leila De Lima has provided confusing statements during the third senate probe on extrajudicial killings (EJK)

This has led journalist Inday Espina-Verona, to speak up on her Facebook account.

On her viral status, she questioned De Lima’s credibility and impartiality on leading the senate probe investigating the EJK.

Why is De Lima, chair of the Senate committee investigating EJKs, clarifying ON BEHALF OF THE WITNESS? Press release sent by her own media team:

Clarification on where Richard King was killedSept. 15, 2016

At the resumption of the Senate Inquiry on the Spate of Extrajudicial Killings and Summary Executions, Sen. Ping Lacson asked the witness, Mr. Edgar Matobato, where Richard King was killed. Mr. Matobato answered him that it was at Mc Donald's Restaurant.

Sen. Lacson then reminded Mr. Matobato that according to news reports, King was shot dead inside the Vital C Building in Davao City, adding that the witness was told a wrong story.

Checking the location of Vital C Building via google street view, we can see that it is just near Mc Donald's, located at Lacson St. corner Sobrecarey St. It appears that both Sen. Lacson and Mr. Matobato are speaking about the same loc
Netizens agreed on Verona’s thought and said:

The worst part is, grade 1 lng natapos ni manong, also he is from Davao. napakagaling naman yata niya magtagalog dont you think? i have meet a lot of people mostly sa mga probinsiya at isa ang pinakamalaking problema communication.
And the thing is...I thought what's being investigated in the Senate is drug-related EJK happening now but why is the star witness talking about killing done by DDS! I think this should be tackled in another hearing.
Mas worse, the witness admitted to the killings and even throwing of corpses into the sea, but why is De5, et al now suggesting to give him protection? Aren't they legally obligated to surrender him to the authorities concerned with such murders so they can investigate and prosecute him properly? Maraming siyang inamin na pinatay. Plea bargaining for what?
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