LOOK: PMA Grads Slam Trillanes For Misconduct, Say Don't Shame PMA & Philippines!

PMA Grads Slam Trillanes For Misconduct

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV has shocked everyone on his unbecoming acts during the senate probe on alleged extrajudicial killings on the anti-illegal campaign of the administration

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A Philippine Military Academy (PMA) graduate, Dan Jimenez, has wrote a lengthy post slamming trillanes for misconduct which he claimed not part of the values taught in PMA

In his post,  he asked everyone to share it and affix their name below the post.

Mr. Trillanes:

We, the undersigned, condemn in the strongest terms your behaviour as a bully and your conduct unbecoming of a people's senator. More, we are aghast and purely discombobulated that as a graduate of the revered and prestigious Philippine Military Academy, you showed you are not an officer, neither are you a gentleman. What kind of manners do you have?

You are not just an embarrassment to your people, to your family, to your co-alumni, you are an embarrassment to yourself. Decency and education dictate that real men settle their differences with dignity. Even in a duel, true gentlemen face death or the chance of killing somebody with finesse.

Your actions against Mr. Cayetano can only be described along the lines of pre-historic men when grunting was to converse and reason was delivered by a club. You have set civilization back to the stone age. And that is not an exaggeration.

Perhaps a simple apology will suffice that you may deserve understanding and forgiveness. Perhaps a little bit of humility and politeness will regain your humanity back. Still we are not holding our breaths for such to happen. We have witnessed over the years that power and position have gone to your head and that you have crossed the point of no return. Your arrogance and self righteousness are phenomenal!

No, we will not say you are beyond redemption. That is between you and God. We just hope, you will find in your heart the reason why we are here and that power, glory, influence, wealth and importance pass like all things.

"For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?"

We, the graduates of the Philippine Military Academy and the citizens of the Republic of the Philippines:

Dan Jimenez PMA '77

(Note: If you desire to affix your name please do so then share. Thank you.)
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There are over 200 individuals who affixed their names on the letter.  Most were part of PMA, OFWs,  and even ordinary citizen