This Incredible Remark Of Duterte To Obama Will Make You Admire Him

President Rodrigo Duterte emphasized that he didn’t want to quarrel with the United States President Barrack Obama despite his strong statement on Monday during the 28th and 29th Association of the Southeast Asian Nations Summits held in Vietianne, Laos.
Obama and Duterte

"I don't want to quarrel with him. He's the most powerful president of any country on the planet," Duterte said 
Earlier, Duterte has been making headlines on various international and local media outlets about his remarks to President Obama. But then clarified that he didn’t curse the US president.

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"Sila ang isyu nang isyu ng national security adviser niya. I think it was one of his staff, national security adviser was saying they will bring up the matter of extrajudicial killings. That is not a proper subject of a summit like this. It would be improper and highly bastos,” the president argued.
With the tension between the two presidents, their supposed meeting on Laos was cancelled by the US President.

However, the presidential staff of Duterte said that the meeting will just be moved to a better date and insisted that the bilateral relations between Philippines and United Stated will push through.

On the different note, President Obama described Duterte as a “colorful guy.”

"I always want to make sure if I'm having a meeting that it's actually productive,” he said.
When Senator Alan Peter Cayetano, staunch supporter of Duterte, was asked between the meeting of the two leaders, he said:

"At pagka face to face na I think diplomacy,  civility will find a way. Syempre pare pareho may strong advocacy eh may strong advocacy ang US for human rights eh. May strong advocacy naman ang ating pangulo na maging independent ang ating banda but im hoping all will go well and the bilaterals, one on one face to face meetings will go well," he added.

Source: MSN