This INSPIRING Letter of Sec. Jesus Dureza on Davao Bombings Will Touch Your Heart!

touching message of jesus dureza

Secretary Jesus Dureza has posted a Facebook status that did not just intend for Dabawenyos but also to all Filipinos after the recent bomb explosion occurred on the night market of Davao City.

His status that gained more than 4,000 likes as of the counting:

This is not the first time Davao City was under attack. In the early '80s, the deadly communist "sparrow" units once held sway in some of our communities and spilled blood in our city streets. Then, San Pedro Cathedral was bombed one Easter Sunday. In 2003, Davao airport was also bombed. Then our Sasa wharf. Many died and scores wounded.

But in all these tragedies, Davao City survived. We rose from our feet every time. We did not allow the bad to dominate. We went on and resumed with our normal lives as quickly as possible, although still grieving and hurting. We strongly spurned and rejected the attempts of terrorists to dictate on us to disrupt our peaceful lives. We refused to be cowed or be consumed by fear. We did not want evil to win.

Over time, Davao City, although wounded and scarred, prevailed.

The bombing today tells us once more that this is another time for us Dabawenyos to rise up and confront in order to again prevail.

Davao City and its people have to suffer, if need be. But it is a small price to pay for the change that the whole country is dreaming of and yearning for.
Hailing from Mindanao, Secretary Dureza has witnessed how terrorism and war divided the people in Mindanao. But being the Secretary under the Office of the Presidential on the Peace Process, he believes that peace will be gained.

On this recent tragedy, he assured that Davao will rise up so it would prevail again.

And his concluding message has captured the heart of Filipinos saying that Davao City has to suffer, if need be, to pay for the whole country. Change has definitely come!

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