VIRAL: Furious Netizens Slams Journalist For Insensitive Tweets On Miriam Santiago, Burn!

Netizens Slams Journalist For Insensitive Tweets On Miriam Santiago

Tributes have been outpouring on social media over the death of former Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago. With her witty remarks and sharp tongue, she certainly won the hearts of many Filipinos.

However, furious netizens have gone wild for the insensitive and rude tweets of veteran journalist Raissa Robles.

On her tweet:

If MDS had become President and her VP had won, Bongbong Marcos would now be President. Think about it.
The tweets have sparks outraged to Filipinos who are mourning on the loss of the lady senator.

What an insensitive twit you are..Marcos would still be a better choice than your yellowtard favorites..he has done a lot for his place..nako iha nakarma ka kaagad sa kabastusan mo ayan di nabastos ka nang katakot takot next time learn some manners..Tandaan mu Raissa Robles, na yong aayaw mong mangyari na maging presidente si BBM ay magiging taliwas sa iyong inaasam dahil iboboto siya ng taumbayan at wala kang magagawa sa ganon. Kapag dumating ang panahong iyon, mas mabuti pang magpakamatay ka na lang dahil yun ang iyong KARMA ......
Goes to show how low the IQ of the yellowtards. Porke ba nanalo ang presidente , panalo na din yung vice president nya? Example na lang yung recent election. Si Mayor Duterte ang nanalo pero hindi nanalo si Sen Cayetano. Palibhasa kasi bitter itong mga yellowtards kasi kung si Miriam ang nanalo, presidente na sana si Leni. Beh, it's never meant to be. 
Impostor-journalist Raissa Robles hit an all-time low in her so-called writing career when she commented on Miriam Santiago's death in a most tasteless manner. But can we really blame her? That is her world, the underworld, where paid hacks and crooked "journalists" dwell and conspire with each other to make a few bucks to buy their next meal. They are at the bottom of the food chain. They are the scum of writers, ejaculators of fiction writing where there will always be gullible readers who approve of their cheap stunts. Raissa is a tick sucking blood from a mother dog.
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