What Duterte Tells To Media If He Does Wrong Will Make You Admire Him More, Awesome!

awesome remarks of Duterte to media

Wala akong galit sa inyo.
This was the statement of President Rodrigo Duterte when asked if he has any angst against the media people for misquoting his recent statement intended to United States President Barack Obama.

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President Duterte said that it’s not wrong to criticize him if he did something wrong on his responsibilities as a President.

He told reporters at a press conference,

Do not hesitate to attack me, criticize me if I do wrong in my job. It is your duty to your country.
He emphasized that it is the duty of the press to the country.

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On the last 28th and 29th Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) summit, Duterte made headlines from different international and local media outlet after his vulgar statements against the United States President Barack Obama.

His statements have prompted the United States to cancel the supposed meeting between the two head of states.

Duterte did not hold any grudges to the press people even his statements sometimes were misquoted by some of the journalists.

Coming from Indonesia after his meeting with Prime Minister Joko Widodo, Duterte said that Filipinos has the right to be informed and “a media that is there to found out the true and accurate -- you portray history.”

Source: Interaksyon