Who's Behind The Bombing In Davao City? Department Of Defense Has An Answer!

Keep safe everyone!

GMA News earlier reported that the Department of National Defense tags  Abu Sayyaf Group as their suspect in the recent deadly explosion that rocked Davao City on Friday night, September 2.

The bombing left at least 12 people dead and at least 60 others injured.

Delfin Lorenzana, Department of National Defense Secretary, has ordered all the commands of the Armed Forces of the Philippines to be on high alert "especially in urban centers for possible other terroristic act attempts by this group."

Due to the intensified operations ordered by President Rodrigo Duterte that the Armed Forces of the Philippines launched against the Abu Sayyaff over past week, Lorenzana indicated that the bandits are in revenge that's why they launched the attack.

Lorenzana said,

While nobody has come up to own the act we can only assume that this was perpetrated by the terrorist group Abu Sayaff that has suffered heavy casualties in Jolo in the past weeks.
He also added,

We have predicted this and has warned our troops accordingly but the enemy is also adept at using the democratic space granted by our constitution to move around freely and unimpeded to sow terror.
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