LOOK: 25-M Worth of Drugs Found Inside The Student’s Bag in NAIA, Woah!

Drugs Found Inside The Student’s Bag in NAIA

A 22-year-old student was arrested after attempting to smuggle a 4.8 kilo of cocaine in Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), on Monday.

Jon-jon Villamin, suspected Filipino drug mule, arrived in the Philippines from his five-day vacation in Brazil via commercial Emirates Airline flight EK332, according to the report of CNN Philippines.

The authorities said they received a tip-off that a drug mule will attempt to smuggle illegal drugs in the country.

After the flight of the suspect landed in NAIA Terminal 3, authorities immediately examined Villamin’s checked-in baggage.

"Noong na-confirm ng x-ray na may shadow 'yung bag, we placed him in isolation. From there, we used K-9 unit of PDEA to check. Tapos inupuan yung bag. From there, suspect talaga at binuksan,"  Bureau of Custooms Deputy Commissioner Arlan Alcaraz said.
According to NAIA Anti-Drug Task Group, the suspect was possibly recruited as drug courier in Hong Kong where he stayed 10 days before going to Brazil.

The student refused to air his side and said that the luggage came from his friend.

" I am a victim here... I asked them, they said it was safe,” he appealed. 
Authorities reminded the students not to get blinded on the offer of free travel by strangers for they might end up being used as drug mule just like Villamin.