Change Has Come In Those Areas Once Infamous For Their Snatchers, MUST READ!

Change Has Come In Those Areas Once Infamous For Their Snatchers

Many are giving their testimonies about how President Rodrigo Duterte brought change in the country.

Though there some who criticize him, there are still many who appreciates what he and his admin are doing.

According to Arnel Patawaran, a Lifestyle Editor at the Manila Bulletin:

Change has come, but we're really just warming up 
He even shared something that I guess will make you realize that change is really happening.

Here's the full context of his Facebook post. Kindly read.

A commuter and LRT rider in my office, who isn't exactly a Duterte supporter so it won't be proper for me to name her, told me that in Recto, in Lawton, in those areas once infamous for their muggers and snatchers, pedestrians are now walking freely with their mobile phones in their hands or on their ears.

Just now, I ask my Grab driver if the streets are any safer and he says it is no longer so scary driving even in the dead of the night that he's had drunk girls take his Grab alone.

"Wala na sila sa kalye, yun' masasamang loob, sila na takot ngayon (the bad ones are no longer out on the streets, they're the ones afraid now)." "Kay Duterte kaya 'yan (Is it attributable to Duterte)? I ask. He shrugs his shoulder, "Siguro (maybe)."

On my part, while driving, inching my way through traffic, I've noticed more and more people on jeepneys or the back of trikes using their phones without care, but I still tend to think they are being so careless.

I sometimes forget it's a different time now, though it's only been 150 days or fewer.

Meanwhile, in the international media, PH appears to be totally the opposite, still being portrayed as a dangerous place.

I paid 675 pesos on Grab going to the office and 320 pesos going home from the office, ouch like highway robbery, but I personally feel much safer, more comfortable, and more hopeful now.

I hope this is it, Philippines. Change has come, but we're really just warming up.
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