Clever Reason Why President Duterte Should Zip His Mouth And Stop Trolling, Must Read!

Reason Why President Duterte Should Zip His Mouth And Stop Trolling

The transpinay blogger and a well-known supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte, Sass Rogando Sasot, on her Facebook page, wrote an open letter addressed to the president advising him to zip his mouth, stop trolling, and just do his job for a clever reason.

Kindly read.

Dear President Duterte:

You're the only one who could dismantle the machinery of narco-politics in our country. We're behind you in this quest. But please zip your mouth, stop trolling, and just do the job. You are just enriching the media with traffic to their sites. I don't care if you don't care about what other people would say, but I deeply care for our motherland. Say less than what is necessary, don't feed the yellow journalism tactics of anti-Duterte forces, and just carry on with your work: dismantle the machinery of narco-politics in the Philippines. If you won't zip it, we would be forced to duct tape your mouth. :P
Commenters also agreed in her post saying,

We support you President Duterte. 16M people love you. But please, wag na po masyado tactless. Pwede naman po iyon. Nasasaktan ang inyong mga supporters sa tuwing kayo po ay inaalipusta at binabastos ng mga taga labas at dilawan. Kaya po natin yan wag na po kayo masyadong magalit. Magtutulong tulong po tayong maresolve ang problema ng bansa po. :-) God bless you Pres Digong. #AnimoSanBeda
Alam ko marunong namn si boss makinig.,.mejo old school lng xa,pero alam ko nakikinig yan,gaya ng tatay ko,wag lng ksi xang turuan,despite of the age,parang papunta plng tayo xa pauwi na.,.
this is exactly what I'm saying na kahit solid supporter tayo that does not necessarily mean we have to agree with everything he says. basically, other countries have to adjust with him esp with his "own jargon" but the President should need to adjust as well. it goes with the saying "less talk, less mistakes" a basic rule applied into this. as for me, wala tlga aq problema jan kc I'm from Davao City and sanay kami jan but things are different now. he represents the entire country somehow someway it may draw negative effects to us. i really think he needs to keep his cool down and just play along with them instead. we'll see it then if these things work.
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