FEARLESS Woman Explains Why She Doesn't Want To Support De Lima And The #EveryWoman Campaign

woman explains why she doesn't want to support de lima

Sen. Leila de Lima is on the hot seat since the senate hearing for alleged extrajudicial killings and the House of Representatives' hearing for the proliferation of illegal drugs at the New Bilibid Prisons (NBP) started.

Noon of September 30 when #EveryWoman trended on social media. It's movement against slut-shaming and violence against women in politics and also a response to the plan of some lawmakers and administration allies to show the alleged video of De Lima at a congressional probe.

Because of this, another Facebook post from Lorraine Badoy went viral after sharing her thoughts why a woman like her doesn't want to support Sen. Leila de Lima and the hashtag #EveryWoman campaign for the senator.

According to Badoy, De Lima is not every woman and she doesn't feel the need to protect her.

Kindly read her entire Facebook post to understand her sentiments abot the issue.

I’ve been taken to task by some people for not joining them in their defense of Leila De Lima.

They’ve said to me in accusing tones, “Akala ko ba feminist ka?.” Others, a bit over the top: "If you are woman and you don’t side with LD, then there is something wrong with you."

Then on top of the over-the-top: you may now unfriend me.

Hayup. Zero tolerance for differing opinions talaga. Kapit-bisig mga sisters talaga ha.

And, worst of all, “Why have you not written about this?”

First of all, let me clarify. I don’t owe anyone any piece. Last I looked, I wasn’t in anybody’s payroll. I am, as most writers are, one of the freest persons I know.

But this freedom to write as I please was bought with a high price. I have paid with endless hours of solitude and yes, loneliness. I bleed on paper because bullshit must be one of those things I have zero tolerance for. Most of all, bullshit to one’s self.

So when you ask me, “Why have you not written in defense of LD?”, the short answer is, “Because I don’t bullshit myself.”

And the long-ish answer is: I don’t watch the entire hearing as arduously as some of you do.

I would have a coronary if I did.

I’ve only seen snippets of the entire spectacle and I have read some. This is what I have to go on.

And what I have seen and heard does not move me to go out there and defend LD. It hasn’t moved me to put pen on paper. Why?

I don’t think this woman needs defending.

Online, I do see some clueless shit men gang up on her and talk about how fat and ugly she is and how can any dude fuck her and allow her to give them head. Mga ulul. As if ang gaguapo at ang ha-hunk nyo. And if LD gave great head, some of you would be lining up to get one. Free. When the spirit moves me, I go and tell them to fuck off.

But all in all, I don’t feel the need to protect her.

In case it skipped your attention, LD is not every woman.

She is a woman who, before she became Senator of the land, held in her hands the Dept of Justice. And thus, held by the balls the Bureau of Corrections, the NBI, the Parole and Probation Administration, the Presidential Commission on Good Government, the Public Attorney's Office, the Office for Alternative Dispute Resolution, the Office of the Government Corporate Counsel, the Office of the Solicitor General, the Land Registration Authority.

Such a powerful being, don’t you agree?

In fact, the picture that's emerging now is of someone who might have used those powers to get favors. And, of more interest to me, someone who might have compromised our country to get her share of fucks.

I also sense that all that hysteria is feigned.

LD is bullshitting, methinks. She feels the noose tightening-and she is going at the Over Acting Bureau of the Bullshitting Agency with all she’s got as a means to detract from the real issues.

And too, to unnerve the men who question her because any woman worth her salt knows this: men would rather be slapped silly than have you cry on them. And the men retaliate with their usual disgusting macho shit.

Gender tit for gender tat.

I would like for these clowns to get over themselves and be statesmen/women for once.

I would like for LD to quit the endless walk outs and press cons.

I would like for her and her cohorts to stop using the gender card because it takes away from the real everywoman. And from a country in need of real answers.

Leila de Lima is not everywoman to me.

Not even close.

If she were as innocent as she says she is, she would speak her truth quietly and clearly.

Otherwise, I would think she is lying through her teeth.
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