FUNNY: This Megaphone Bill vs Drug Suspect Filed By De Lima Will Make You Laugh Hard!

megaphone bill filed by de lima

Senator Leila De Lima has provided a solution to end up drug-related killings: police must use a megaphone when arresting the drug suspect.

This has sparked former policemen and now Senator Panfilo Lacson and said that it would endanger the lives of policemen if they will use a megaphone to arrest drug suspects.

“Because I came from the law enforcement, I cannot imagine how we can risk our lives or in this case, how we cannot risk the lives of policemen if they will first make an announcement before an arrest or a raid,” he said
De Lima’s bill was described by a crime watchdog group as an “out of this world,” as reported by The Standard.

“I cannot see the wisdom [of this], with all due respect to Senator LDL (Leila de Lima)… The use of megaphone before the arrest and incapacitate first, if you are facing an armalite or high-powered firearms, it’s difficult. You would endanger the life of a policeman.”

“How can there be an arrest if those to be arrested have been forewarned?” asked Lacson.
De Lima filed a bill on Tuesday as the Senate Bill 1197 or the “Anti-Extrajudicial Killing Act of 2016” which seeks to empower and strengthen the Commission on Human Rights (CHR), the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) and the Philippine National Police (PNP) in investigating extrajudicial killings.

"Extrajudicial killing includes summary killing perpetrated by private individuals for purposes of carrying out on their own or in the context of vigilantism, a campaign or policy of the State," the Senate bill said
Under the said bill, a police must warn a suspect that he is being arrested by using a megaphone.

Her idea was slammed by Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption.

“Where in this world can you see a police announcing the arrest of a criminal? Such a situation would just give the suspect the chance to flee or shoot,” Jimenez said.
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