GOOD NEWS! Change Has Come In Post Office, Here's A PROOF!

makati city post office

Change has come!

Another good news from this new government is viral now on social media.

A netizen messaged Sass Rogando Sasot about what she experienced when he/she went to Makati Post Office to pick up a long over due package that he/she bought online.

Here's the entire message of the netizen that Ms. Sasot posted on her Facebook page. Kindly read.


Hi ms sass,

I just wish to inform the public through your page about some good news that didnt get highlights from our mainstream media her. Ill share what I learned today from Customs Examiner from the Makati City Post office. Kindly not mention na lang my name, i prefer being at the back.

This afternoon, I went to Makati Post Office to pick up a long over due package that I bought online. I was told by the Customs Examiner that effective October 25, all parcels arriving from that date onwards with an invoice of not more than 10,000.00 pesos will receive ZERO as in nada, nothing , wala Tariff on Duties. Good news indeed, before the 10k worth would mean 1500.00 pesos plus 12% vat tariff but now it will just be for FREE!

Change indeed has come. Thanks Pres Rody Durterte!

Kasama Din dito yung balikbayan packages sent thru EMS or via post office. Basta make sure laging my invoice.
The very satisfied netizen is thankful to the change that brought by President Rodrigo Duterte.

As of the moment, this good news was shared more than 1,000 times.