GOOD READ: Seasoned Journalist Hits Fellow Journalists, Tells Serve People Selflessly

With some journalists being tagged as “Biased” and “Bayaran,” seasoned journalist and now a social media influencer, Ira Panganiban, has appealed to his colleagues.

On his another viral post on his Facebook account, he reminded his fellow journalist to go back to the core of journalism.

As journalists we flaunt freedom of speech as our God given right. We fight, we scream, we scratch, claw and bite to keep this right.

We say we are fighting for everyone's benefit and it is for our public!

But when that same public get on our case, rightly or wrongly, we scream they have no right. THEY HAVE NO RIGHT!!!

Are we saying we journalists are the only people with a right to freedom of expression (the true source of freedom of speech)? And that nobody else, especially the public we serve, has the right to criticize us???

But the public also talks about us, criticize and condemn our actions when they feel it is correct to do so. The very same way we do our jobs.

We are called biased, agenda seekers and setters, fact twisters. It hurts, true! Because we are only really just doing our jobs. Or are we?

Or is our emotion now getting in the way of our profession? Our choices in life projecting through our stories, our slips showing?

When we are pilloried, as some have claimed a few of our peers have been, maybe we should ask ourselves why? What have we done to deserve this? Do we really deserve this from a public we aim to serve?

Because when a huge population of a country begin questioning the media that has served them selflessly for a long time, maybe it is not all propaganda or stupidity on the part of the audience but something else.

After all, not everyone of the 16 million or the 91% are idiots. Or are they????

#syetdapwet #kadiritodeath #whatisjournalism

Netizens voiced out their disgust, appealing to the media to be impartial on their stories. Some netizens even threatened and bullied journalists who they believed are being paid for writing biased stories.

Those journalists who have no brains nor have nothing for them to take on their journey with journalism in the world, are the ones who are idiots and empty minded, but not the people who are supporters of President Duterte, for they are brilliant, dedicated, patriotic and determined Filipinos, who love for the Philippines to shine with it's brilliance to the whole world, as an independent country standing tall side by side, together with all countries in the world powerful or not! This is the kind of Philippines President Duterte and his die hard supporters wanted it to be, and the tasks to make it happen is now, which the media both local and international are slowing down the progress of it's noble purpose for the Total Change of the Philippines!
Hindi lahat nasa media MATITINO...yung iba,parang kaluluwa lang nila binibenta. alam mo ang pangyayari pero iba naman ang kanilang binabalita... kaya hanggat alam mo ang totoo,mas lalong wala nang naniniwala sa kanila....#ripTRUEjournalism #hindilahatmatitino #maynaiwanperoiilan
I still believe in abs cbn gma cnn ptv 4 and chan 5. At least authenticated. Not like netizens media sometimes inventing news favoring their likes unauthentic. Thats why i Don not count myself as an idiot.