I Can't Believe Some Members Of The Philippine Clergy Did This, So DISGUSTING!

Members Of The Philippine Clergy

Another Facebook posts from Ms. Krizette Laureta Chu is viral now on social media.

She posted a link from express.co.uk entitled, Pope Francis: It hurts my heart when I see a priest or a nun with the latest model of car and made a lengthy caption that immediately went viral online.

On her Facebook post, she said:

I hope somebody writes and tells the Pope, who I believe is one of the very few, sincerely good people in the Church, about the excesses and disgusting politicking of some members of the Philippine clergy.

1. Your Holiness, do you know it was a Jesuit priest and academic who turned over lying witness, self confessed killer Matobato to Filipino "journalists" who then presented him to the New York Times instead of authorities?

Edgar Matobato has been caught lying many times. He is the "witness" released by opposition party members like Senator Trillanes and De Lima to destabilize our new government:

Some of your priests are so intent to do their part in destabilizing this government because for the first time since 1986, the Filipino people do not listen to them anymore. (And you can't blame us because we have seen with our own eyes how hypocritical and far removed from reality they have become.) The era of currying favors from powerful patrons is over.

2. Your Holiness, do you know that, inspite of your directive that priests should not meddle in politics, some Filipino priests are using the pulpit to deliver messages against its own government? To trust the message, I need to trust the motive. The corruption is so prevalent here in the Philippines, the Catholic priests are not exempt. Do you know that many Filipinos have become turned off by the church's politicking that many have altogether stopped going, or are exploring other religions or ways of worshipping that do not involve these beady-eyed opportunists?

3. Please create an independent body that would investigate Filipino priests because many of them are receiving generous donations... for themselves.

4. A renewed Catholic church will only happen when people trust the priests again. Your Holiness, it's not good when people roll their eyes during the sermon, but some of your priests really make it so hard not to.

5. Your Holiness, apparently--ALLEGEDLY--some of your priests are harboring a criminal. Matobato, the lying witness for the anti reformists, set to destroy our government, is being moved from parish to parish, priest to priest. I think their job is to encourage Matobato to come clean and fess up. This is not about being a safe haven for all; it's about refusing to be party to anything criminal.

6. Your priests have allowed a senator of ill repute, who is charged to be the "queen of all drug lords" by many corroborating witnesses, to use the pulpit to destroy leaders of this government? She manipulates the press to take pictures of her with Jesus figures in the background, or more disgustingly, of the Virgin Mary, a clever (but disgusting) move to subsconsciously steer people into thinking that she is pure and holy, and she identifies herself, as a woman, like the Blessed Virgin.

This has turned off many people. Your priests allow this shameless politicking in their pulpits! The church has not allowed photographers to go up to the pulpit, not even for wedding photos, but your priests drop all the rules for this woman who is reviled by majority of the Filipino people for her role in the failure of our justice system.

What does this mean for the church? It means the laity will associate your church with evil people. Do not allow a few corrupt people to taint the holy Church.

7. Your parishes and churches are used by passive-aggressive fake human rights activists to hold "masses" and "vigils." We know how this goes: a powerful and moneyed member sponsors mass. Mass happens, donation is given. They further their politicking by using the Church, the imagery of holiness. Are these events church-sanctioned? It would seem so.

8. Instead of helping the government deal with the pressing problem of drug rehabilitation, your Filipino church goes on periodic and frequent attacks. Money where their mouth is would be a good thing.

9. Apparently, the Church is a major major investor. I am sure you know this, or maybe not, but could it be possible one of the reasons it is so anti government is because it has stocks in mining companie and oil?

What I'm trying to say, Your Holiness, is that at this critical time as a nation, a select number of your priests are driving a huge number of Filipinos away from the Church because it has become self righteous, selfish, arrogant, and morally bankrupt. They preach not like Jesus but like politicians standing on their soapboxes. They equate the Fiipino's support for the government as tacit approval for "extrajudicial killings." They alienate, ostracize, and neglect people. They choose to divide rather than unify; preach rather than listen; take sides instead of mediating. They have lost the respect of many of us. If Jesus were alive today, He would not like your flashy, feisty priests who go directly to international news agencies to help rock this government. So, so, so wrong.

Your Holiness, we know that the real nature of the Catholic church is not represented by these corrupt men in vestments and robes. Please, for the sake of the Filipino people, and for the sake of the Church and all that is holy, please find a way to put a stop to the shamelessness of many of your clergy members.

Filipinos miss the real Catholic Church and what it used to mean to many.

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