Incredible Commentary on Duterte’s Mouth, Urges To Be Like “Miss Congeniality”

Commentary on Duterte’s Mouth

President Rodrigo Duterte has certainly the most “colorful” – as how United States President Barack Obama described him – personality among the presidents of the Republic of the Philippines

His unprecedented personality has caught the attention of international media and political leaders across the globe.

On this light, a recent commentary that has gone viral in Facebook urges what needs to be done for the current situation of the country and how President Duterte could come up with solutions.

San Beda graduate and lawyer Bruce Villanueva on his Facebook post:


We have a president who likes to talk. We have a media who loves to sensationalize. We have an international community who loves to castigate him. It is a recipe for disaster. And many supporters are praying to high heavens that he should keep his mouth shut. But how? Do we really want a leader who is "safe" in his rhetorics. Do we really want PRRD to do what the other presidents have done and just be wholesome.

In the past, the US, EU and other western states have treated the Philippines as its submissive ally. Presidents chose carefully selected words to deal with the Americans and the western allies. We were very friendly with our former colonizers, we never heard a single criticism from them. Every bloody episode like the Mendiola massacre, Hacienda Luisita carnage and so many others, western states never called our attention to it. Pol Pot slaughtered millions in the late 70's and the Americans did nothing to stop him. The communist Vietnam had to drive him away. All over the world, friendly dictators who killed many of its citizens are left alone. And the usual reason for not saying anything, it was a domestic matter and the sovereignty of the state had to be respected. However, when leaders who were deemed to be opinionated and sometimes, reactionary makes the slightest error or even a perceived mistake, western leaders easily point it out. In fact, the US financed the Mujaheidin in Afghanistan to fight the Russian invasion because it made its citizens believe that communism was a threat. The very same freedoms fighters they aided would be responsible for the 911 attacks. Yes, the foreign policy of the west leaves much to be desired. But no Filipino president would dare criticize it. Why? Many of us think that we owe a lot to the Americans. Utang na loob.

But in the present world, do we really need to be uber friendly with the west (US and EU) and indifferent to other states like China and Russia? And I submit that it should not be the case. We should be friendly to every state but we should not forget that we are after all, a sovereign state who should look after our best interest. What PRRD is showing is that he is neither a puppet of the west nor is he a supporter of communist China. He will not hesitate to exchange heated words with the Chinese premier when it comes to the West

Philippine Sea issue in the manner he will not kowtow to the Americans and Europeans when they call his attention on a purely domestic matter. And those who do not understand think it is bad for business. They think foreign investors will leave if we insult Obama or tell the EU to mind their own business.

However, the reality is that our President is merely asserting our sovereignty and promoting our interest.

Many of you will now open your mouth in horror. How could I be this stupid?But let me tell you that our best bet now is to be Miss Congeniality because clearly we cannot afford to be caught in the middle of a power struggle of states willing to use us as pawn to protect their state interests. When we align with the Americans and allow them to dictate our affairs, we become part of the game we cannot afford to play. The Chinese brazenly occupied islands belonging to us not because they hate us but because we have been so attached to the Americans, the only way to test the waters is through us. If you cannot directly anger the queen bee, try to bully the weaker sidekick.And why did the Americans not defend us when Chinese occupied our islands?

Because despite our Mutual Defense Treaty, the US will still have to look after its interests. So, the Chinese continue to march on because in reality, the US cannot afford to wage war with China and vice versa. Sadly, China can afford to bully us because they see us not as an ally but a minion of the west. So what is the solution. Think of ourselves first.

The Americans cannot help us in the drug war because it is also fighting the war in the homefront. But can China help us? Definitely. The drugs coming to our shores are made in China and allowed to reach us because China does see us more as an American ally than its own. Our indifference with China has made entry of shabu easier because the waters of the West Philippine Sea is difficult to patrol without help from the Chinese. And they are not in the mood to help a state who always kowtows to the US.

I am not saying we cut off our ties with the US. We cannot afford that either. What I am simply saying is that we broaden our options and not just put our faith in the Americans.

And the only way we can show that is not allow the US and EU to dictate us in the same way we do not allow China and Russia to dictate us. We give the same level of friendship to those who respect our sovereignty in the same vigor we scoff at those who tell us what to do.

Yes, some foreign investors will leave. Those investors who are used to telling us what to do. But new investors will come. Investors who come to invest, respect our sovereignty and do business with us because we are competitive and not because we just bend over backwards like the colony we once were.

And the Hitler comment blew out of proportion because the powers that be does not like a Philippine president who refuses to be a whipping boy to any state. They are not used to that.

Par in parem non habit imperium
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