Incredible Remarks Of Political Analyst To Duterte, “I Don’t Want Him To Fail”

Remarks Of Political Analyst To Duterte

Political Analyst Antonio Contreras has spoken up in response to his opinion about the political affairs of the country.

As a social media personality, the full-time professor of De La Salle University has been bashed by several netizens over his sharp opinion.

On his Facebook post, he emphasized why he should support and provide constructive criticism for President Rodrigo Duterte.

Let me give you an accounting of my politics, for I owe the public this, at the very least.

I did not vote for Digong but as a responsible citizen, he is our legitimately elected leader and hence he deserves my support and my constructive criticisms. I do not want him to fail, for if he does we will all be hurt.

I see Martial Law as a complicated period in history that should be carefully studied and represented. It has its victims, some of whom are my friends, but I also do not want to demean the narratives of those who see it in a positive light by dismissing these as revisionism or simply loyalist fantasies. What is revisionist is to paint a complex period as one-dimensional; what is truly loyalist is to be fixated on one narrative of hatred.

I took Grace Poe to task in order to protect the Constitution. To my mind, and notwithstanding the Court's decision, I still think she lacks residency and her being natural born is based on judicial activism and not on the actual words of the fundamental law. I bow to the ruling of the Court even if I continue to disagree with it.

I continue to refuse to accord Leni Robredo the respect she expects for the simple reason that I do not see her as the legitimately elected Vice President. She is a product of electoral fraud and I could not in conscience accept that.I am critical of LP politics and what is referred to as yellow journalism. The former I resent for turning politics into one of hatred and persecution, and of a kind of particularism that says do not do unto them what they do unto their enemies. Leila is my kababayan but I simply could not sympathize with her because of what she represents. The abuse of power and privilege I see in her face and in the ghost of Chief Justice Renato Corona. And this is where I condemn journalists like Raissa Robles and her kind for allowing themselves to be a party to the abuse and the lynching.

Politics is such a complicated endeavor. Labels such as apologist, loyalist and revisionist are made only by the lazy. I was even accused as incompetent and a lousy social scientist by people who do not even measure up to my academic credentials. I do not see a problem voting for Marcos the son even if I condemn the abuses of Marcos the father. I may not be sympathetic to Leila but I condemn any attempt to shame her using some alleged video for the simple reason that it is wrong to do such illegal act even to your enemies. It is inhuman.

If I am ever a tard, I am a tard of my wife Jennie, three children Jenno, Jennifer Anne and Jan Angeli, and Katsu our lovable dog, my loved ones and my family and friends.

Now that you know me, this I have to address to my haters and critics. What about you. How well do you know your politics?
On his previous posts, it can be seen his support to the endeavor of the president.

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