Political Analyst's Open Letter To Congress: INVESTIGATE RAPPLER NOW!


A viral Facebook post of Antonio P. Contreras, a political analyst and social media enthusiast, calls the attention of the Philippine congress to investigate Rappler.com, a social news network, because of its intriguing connection with the Omidyar Network.

It happens to be their investor where in the Philippines, there is a Constitutional prohibition against foreign capital in media.

To know more about this issue, kindly read Contreras' post below.


Omidyar investing in Rappler deserves a full-blown Congressional Inquiry not only because there is a Constitutional prohibition against foreign capital in media. More dangerously is that Omidyar co-funded Revolutionary groups that led to regime change in Ukraine. Together with USAID, they funded the activities of pro-regime change NGOs whose strategies are almost similar with the tactics employed by Rappler and the yellows.

This is a serious matter that requires a serious response.

I am now calling on Congress to investigate this.
Contreras even posted a screen grab of Omidyar's Investment in Rappler.

Here it is.

Omidyar invested in Rappler

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