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Description Of A Writer to Duterte’s Personality

President Rodrigo Duterte has once again made headlines on various international and local media as he compared himself to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

His statement drew flak and even shocked Jewish groups, but then later clarified that it only meant that he can go as far as this when it comes to his campaign against illegal drugs.

This caused University of Santo Tomas graduate and writer Rimal Digal Gulle to share his view on how he understands Duterte’s personality.

On his Facebook post:

His critics don't get it. If you call Duterte a killer, he'll say he's a genocidal maniac. If you liken him to Hitler, he'll take it up a notch and say he'll be happy to do a Hitler and slaughter millions of drug users and pushers. That's his way of confrontation. You pull out a knife on him, he'll pull out a machete. You pull out a gun, he'll stick a grenade launcher to your face. Call him a monster, his response will be, "Really? Let me prove you're right!" and even posture himself as a worse monster than what you call him to his face. This is the "duro" form of confrontation mentioned by author Ninotchka Rosca in her observation of Duterte. It's something some people learn in some parts of the Philippines, where you are constantly surrounded by enemies. It's not only a survival tactic but a way of letting enemies know you're not someone they should mess with. If you grew up as a citizen in a nurturing, safe environment, or in a safe, comfortable society in a Western country, you will not understand this response from Duterte. So share this to enlighten the non-Filipinos out there, especially Western pundits and reporters. #warlordmind #overkill
His post, as of writing, has gone viral online.

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