LOOK: VIOLENT Police FURIOUSLY Pulls Woman’s Hair, GRRRR!!!

Pulls Woman’s Hair

Photos and videos showing a chaotic and violent dispersal in a protest in front of US Embassy have quickly circulated online.

Netizens, media, and government officials condemned the violent dispersal particularly the action of PO3 Franklin Kho who rammed the police van hitting the protesters as it drove back and forth.

Pulls Woman’s Hair 2

Meanwhile, militant group Pagkakaisa ng Manggagawa sa Tigmog Katagalugan-Kilusang Mayo Uno (PAMANTIK-KMU), released a statement that demanded Police Kho to be held accountable.

“We remain in holding Col. Pedroso, PO3 Kho and all those responsible for the violent dispersal accountable and should be meted out with administrative and criminal charges; as the dispersal clearly came from the policemen’s side,” it said.

On the post of certain Mazzy Starr showing Kho pulling woman’s hair, a lumad, circulated online which garnered the irked of the netizens.

On his post:

Ang pulis na sumabunot sa isang babaeng lumad at ang sumagasa sa mga nagpoprotestang pambansang minorya, PO3 Franklin Kho.Ikaw ang tunay na marahas! Pasista
Another post from ABS-CBN’s contributing writer, Inday Varona, showed the Kho’s background.

For those who launched socmed offensive without thinking it through yesterday, here's additional info:Pedrozo commanded the infamous violent dispersal of Noynoy Aquino's 2012 SONA. Yesterday, at the US Embassy, cops and rallysts had agreed -- after initial skirmish for position (none hurt there) -- to settle down. A peaceful program ensued for almost 2 hours.And then Pedrozo came. Angry at cops who had negotiated a peaceful resolution. Demanding why they were not pushing back rallysts. Dismissing his cop's briefing -- he was told patapos na and already forming for withdrawal. Ordering IMMEDIATE dispersal, dyahe daw sa Kano. "Magkagulo na kung magkagulo." (Check out GMA story, kudos to Emil)Who provoked? Who disrupted an assembly that had been peaceful for almost two hours?Also, in 2004, then PNP director-general sacked the same officer from his post as head of Manila's anti-drug unit because of allegations of extortion. -- star archives, not anonymous sites po. That's just for starters...