MUST READ: Doctor, Ambassador Tell Why They Support Duterte, Amazing!

Doctor tell why he support duterte

Amid criticism with his unpredictable and colorful personality, President Rodrigo Duterte has caught the attentions of all be it Filipinos or foreigners.

Gaining an overwhelming 16 millions of votes on the May election, the then Davao Mayor and now President of the Philippines has created a “Duterte effect” which brought Filipinos together to support him and to trust on his capabilities to run the Philippines.

One notable reason  why Filipinos still support Duterte despite his crude language came from a former ambassador to Indonesia General Vidal Querol.

In an interview by CNN Phillipines,  Querol shared how his family volunteered and campaigned for Duterte.

I chose Duterte because of his sincerity, he says.

Information coming from the city points to him doing his job of Mayor with no corruption, he says.
Moreover, he believes that he can do good for the country despite his foul language.

His loyalty is to the flag and the country.
On the other hand, a staunch supporter of Duterte, Dr. Lorraine Badoy said that Duterte did an awesome performance on his first 100 days.

He got things done that other presidents haven't," she says. "They didn't even try.
Badoy described the President as:

He's a rollercoaster, this guy! I hope I've read him right.
The doctor even noted that she sees the heart of Duterte in public service and helping poor people.

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