Political Analyst Defends Duterte on Sharp Statement to US, WOAH!

Political Analyst Defends Duterte on Sharp Statement to US

Another post of political analyst Antonio Contreras has gone viral after addressing the United States to treat us right.

He even said in his post that he is not sorry for the sharp tongue and undiplomatic actions of President Rodrigo Duterte to United States President Barack Obama.

According to him, they deserved Duterte's action even citing situation to prove his claim.

On his viral post:

Dear US,

We love you so much. We have dedicated our entire foreign policy almost at your disposal. We never complained a lot even if you hurt us with your failure to reciprocate. Oh yes. You gave us military weapons, but they are kind of old and delapidated. But we took it as help for which we were grateful. You said you are our friend. But you did not give assurance that you will fight for us if China invaded our shores and take possession of the West Philippine Sea.

Our previous leaders took all of these without any protest. You see. They loved you like most of us.

But our current President is different. He finally made you realize that you have not reciprocated our love. And yes, we do apologize for his sharp tongue and undiplomatic language. But at least that's what you only get from him. I am sure you will survive his foul mouth. You have dealt with worse, like bombs and terrorists, right?

What I could not understand is why you suddenly show this video about the help we received from you during Yolanda. It's kind of not in good taste.

Please remember that we have not even billed you for all the damage you have done during the Philippine American war. We also fought for you and with you during WWII that we lost so many lives and Manila became the most devastated city. Two of my paternal uncles, one of them from whom I got my name Antonio, died during the Bataan death march, without their bodies ever being found. It so traumatized my grandmother. But she never ever blamed you. She blamed the Japanese.

We do not raise these because we are friends and we are willing to let this as part of the past. I am only raising it now since I feel a lump in my throat being told of your humanitarian help during Yolanda as if we have not done anything for you.

We just want you to know, however, to please treat us right. Treat us as your equal. You may not like our President's mouth. But I have to tell you this. You know why most people still like him despite his telling your President to go to hell?

I will tell you.

Because many of us happen to agree with him.

Sincerely Yours,
Your friend
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