Remarkable Reason Why Should Not Give Up On Duterte, MUST READ!

Reason Why Should Not Give Up On Duterte

This came from a political analyst, Antonio Contreras after seeing some supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte appearing to lose faith on the President.

On his Facebook post:

It is strange. Some people who voted for Duterte are giving up on him after only 100 days.

I did not vote for the man. I even was trolled and threatened by some of his avid supporters when I showed a picture of his campaign baller which I threw in the trash can in protest when he made that rape joke.Yet now I am working hard to give him a benefit of the doubt. I am a critical ally, one who cringes everytime he curses, and wish he can just shut his mouth up, but not in dismay but more in exasperation since I want him to succeed. I am sick and tired of seeing government after government failing.I guess it is about time that I have to invest my critical skills, in my own limited way, through my critical commentaries here in FB, in my radio program in DWIZ and in my column in The Manila Times, in saving this government from its own flaws.
Netizens were grateful on Contreras’ remarks and commented on his post:

Thank you. We need people like you who could stand behind him, be critical of him yet support him and his ways. There are times when I do not want to listen to him because of his foul mouth but I know it is just his way. He curses yet we know that deep in his heart, he wants the country and its people saved from (all) evils. I know you were not his supporter.  I did not vote for him either....but seeing him pursuing his political will, let us give him support as the duly elected President of the Republic of the Philippines! I think his supporters should spend more time thinking more on how to support Duterte rather than seeing his flaws.
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