This Amazing Development In Scarborough Shoal Will Make Filipino Fishermen Happy, WOW!

Previously, Chinese vessels chase Filipino fishermen who attempt to fish in Scarborough Shoal. But on the recent report of News To Go, some Filipino fishermen from Subic, Zambales are now able to fish on the shoal.
Development In Scarborough Shoal

This development has made fishermen happy and considered it good news as they were deprived of fishing on the territory for more than four years.

They also hoped to continue being free to catch fish in the area.

It appeared that the recent official state visit of President Duterte in China has helped to ease the territorial dispute between the two countries.
Although Malacanang insisted that the territorial dispute between the two will not be discussed in depth on the state visit. But President Rodrigo Duterte admitted that he had a closed-door meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping during his state visit to China to discuss the  Panatag Shoal dispute.

The president did not disclose any details about their meeting.

On a joint statement released by the two countries, they said that they both agreed not to use force in settling the issue.

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