This Sad Truth Of A Columnist On Some People Who Wants Philippines To Fail Will Make You Agree, Must Read!

Sad Truth Of A Columnist On Some People Who Wants Philippines To Fail

Over the first 100 days of the new administration under President Rodrigo Duterte, Filipinos have been divided over certain issues particularly over the lashing statements of Duterte and his campaign against illegal drugs.

Recently, a group of women has called out to postpone the Ms. Universe in the Philippines.

In this line, a status from John Mangun’s Facebook, a columnist, has gone viral which says it all:

It's amazing that so many people-and not just in the Philippines-who want their country to fail just to 'prove' their political position is the only correct one.
It was short but just enough to explain what has gone to the Philippines.

On the comment section, netizens also shared their sentiments.

Because they are isolated from the effects, or they think they are, such is the illusion granted by the internet and social media.
Ironic. But gnyn nmn tlga pinoys are known for. Sorry but its true.Crab mentality. Pride.
Sana mabago pa.
Because of colonial mentality they want to please there foreign masters. Sigh it's no wonder countries still have a prejudice that Philippines is country of maids and domestic helpers.
There definitely are some, but I only estimate them at 10-12%. Indeed, that could be a critical number when things are close.
The same thing here just so we can have a vagina in the white house
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