This Touching Commentary Of Chinese To Duterte Will Make You Proud, Must Read!

Commentary Of Chinese To Duterte Will Make You Proud

Duterte may be ruthless. But he is getting things done, such as getting China to pay for infrastructure developments in his country, including building drug rehab facilities.

Beijing is rolling out the red carpet for Duterte. Hong Kong should see which way the wind is blowing in its treatment of Filipino workers.
These are the striking commentary of Alex Co posted in South China Morning Post.

Despite the territorial dispute, President Rodrigo Duterte is now paying a state visit to China to strengthen bilateral relations with the “powerhouse” country in Asia.

With this, a striking commentary of a Chinese has gone viral in social media on which Duterte was commended on his unprecedented character as the President of the Republic of the Philippines.

Moreover, he pointed out that Duterte is now getting the attention of Hong Kong.

Today, no local government official would think that way about Duterte. The populist president, who will be on a state visit to China this week, is making a difference, big and small. He has redefined his country’s pivotal role in the rivalry between China and the US in the region.

In Hong Kong, his government has unilaterally forced a new condition in the contracts of Filipino helpers that bars them from having to clean the exterior of windows. This came after several maids fell to their deaths while cleaning windows in the past months.

He is also pushing Beijing to let about 200,000 Filipinos who are currently working illegally as domestic helpers on the mainland to be granted legal status.

The deaths from falls are easily preventable, but have been happening for years. The Aquino government did nothing. Neither did the Hong Kong government nor local employers’ groups. In fact, the groups are now worried maids would refuse to clean windows and have lobbied the government against the ban. The Labour and Welfare Bureau has convinced the Philippine consulate to suspend the ban for 30 days to work out contract details.
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