To The People Who UNFORTUNATELY Haven't Moved On From The Last Election, MUST READ!

Duterte won

It's been more than 100 days after President Rodrigo Duterte won the presidency, yet some Filipinos, usually those who didn't vote him, haven't moved on.

According to Ms. Loreine Badoy,

Before the elections, we were divided 5-ways. After the elections, the idea was to get together and be one nation again.
Because of being undivided, Ms. Badoy on her Facebook post explains why  those who didn't vote Pres. Duterte should move on.

And here it is, kindly read.

About that “16 million”:

I keep seeing this figure here on FB “16 million” and usually it’s as a putdown on those who voted for the president. (Yes, elections pa rin ang pinag uusapan. Stuck na stuck).

“16 million lang kayo” “Hindi kayo majority” etc etc on and on. Parang mga batang uhugin.

And I have had it.

Lissen up, yo.

Bear with me while I do the maths with you.

Out of the 54.4 million registered voters, 40 million trooped to the polls last May (a historic 81.2% voters’ turnout according to COMELEC) and got their precious vote counted.

The Presidential pie was divided into 5 (Digong, Mar, Binay, MDS, Grace) so that if it were equally divided, each candidate would have gotten 8 million votes each.

But our dude, Digong got 16 million. 2 slices of the pie.

Hence it was called a LANDSLIDE election. Such a clear and decisive victory that Mar, who by some strange cosmic magic, weaseled his way from the kulelat of the pack to 2nd place, had no choice but to concede.

It was so clear who the people wanted for president.

And “majority”?

All it takes to be the ‘majority’ in a Philippine election is to win by ONE vote.

That one vote wipes everything out and quite suddenly, you win! You’re the president!

Doesn’t matter if the whole of Barangay Elitista didn’t vote for you. Doesn’t matter if none of the bishops of CBCP voted for you. In fact, it doesn’t matter if your mother didn’t vote for you.

All it will take for you to win the presidency is if you get one vote over your closest rival.

Just one.

And Rodrigo Duterte got 6.6 million votes over second placer Mar Roxas. (aystilkentbilibit)

So can we please move on now? Stop it already with the “He’s not my president.”? It just sounds so positively batang uhugin.

He is the President of the Republic of the Philippines.

You can either accept that or device a way to divide this country so that when you go to the airport, those of you who didn’t vote for him, will have a different entrance where you can still have your version of the good old days—Honrado will be there still, reigning supreme, scratching his balls while thieves have their way with you, planting bullets in your luggage.

And where Lumads get killed and farmers are treated like beasts of burden and where relief goods rot while millions go hungry. And where the poor are seen as an embarrassment and hidden from plain sight when the Pope visits.

And yes what we have now is far from perfect but I think I speak for a lot of us who voted for the president when I say, “So far so good.”

We can wait patiently for the full unfolding of the Duterte presidency. And in the meantime, we roll up our sleeves and do whatever it is we can do to take better care of each other and our country.

Before the elections, we were divided 5-ways. After the elections, the idea was to get together and be one nation again.

So, please. Get it already.

There is so much that needs to get done and we really have no time for batang uhugin temper tantrums.
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