Top Business Orgs Full Support To Duterte’s Campaign Vs Illegal Drugs, Woah!

Business Orgs Full Support To Duterte’s Campaign Vs Illegal Drugs

Leaders of the country’s top business organizations, Employers Confederation of the Philippines (ECOP) president Donald Dee, and Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industries (PCCI) president George Barcelon have expressed their support and satisfaction to the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte.

“What the President promised was the very important issue on illegal drugs and crimes. And on that aspect, we are very happy that he delivered,” Barcelon said.
The top leaders lauded Duterte’s campaign against the proliferation of illegal drugs and strict campaign to suppress crime and corruption.

“Many people did not realize how rampant this drug issue is and, of course, we know very well with drugs, normally it leads to crime and there’s a direct correlation between that not only in the Philippines but also abroad…It’s a serious problem for any society whether developed countries or countries like us."
Barcelon also noted the significant improvement and development in other sector including energy, telecommunications, agriculture and infrastructure.

“We’re beginning to see some improvements along this line. We are very positive about what we are seeing,” he added in a report of PIA
The business leader also appreciated Duterte’s genuine love for the country and lauded the President for being “honest and humble”

“We’ve seen on TV that he apologized. Rarely if you see somebody on top, at high level, that they realized and they’re honest enough to say ‘I’m wrong,’” he said.

“The most important thing is with the President, his heart is in the right place. So with somebody whose heart is in the right place and who listens, I think the chance for us to rise is very high,” he added.
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