MUST READ: US’ Response to Duterte’s Fierce “Go To Hell” Remarks to Obama

US’ Response to Duterte’s Fierce “Go To Hell” Remarks to Obama

When asked about Duterte’s “go to hell” remarks to United States (US) President Barack Obama, the US Department spokesman said that they are used to Duterte’s way of speaking.

"We've already spoken to this sort of rhetoric," John Kirby said when asked about Duterte's comments on Tuesday on a report from ABS-CBN News.

"Frankly, it seems at odds with the warm relationship that exists between the Filipino and American people and the record of important cooperation between our two governments, cooperation that has continued under the Duterte government," he added.
Duterte’s remarks came after when he informed mediamen that US declined to sell weapons for the Philippines, but emphasize that he did not care because China and Russia were willing to provide weapon supplies.

"Instead of helping us, the first to hit back was the State Department, so you can go to hell. Mister Obama, you can go to hell," Duterte said.

"EU better choose purgatory because hell is full."
His statements have sparked controversies once again and were even called by Senator Panfilo Lacson as “unnecessary.”

However, it appeared that US is already used to Duterte’s “colorful” personality and bold statements.

The President has been issuing daring statements to United States after the latter questioned the extrajudicial killings taking place under the anti-drug campaign of Duterte’s administration.

"I am the president and I carry the Republic of the Philippines. Now if you start hitting me like this, the Filipinos will be humiliated and people will say your president is a murderer. There is an international forum, you bring it there, have it referred to the human rights commission, then send a rapporteur to investigate and make a report then go back to the body and speak there," he said.
Duterte is firm to say that there are no extrajudicial killings under his anti-drug campaign.

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