Walk Out Queen? Sen. De Lima Walks Out Of The Senate Hearing, OMG!

De Lima walks out of the Senate hearing

After a heated argument with her fellow senators, Senator Leila De Lima walks out of the Senate hearing.

It's when De Lima failed to disclose early on that her star witness Edgar Matobato has a pending case for the supposed kidnapping of a certain Salim Makdum.

Rappler reported that the neophyte senator, De Lima who first presented Matobato when she still chaired the Senate justice committee, admitted that the information was part of “notes” gathered over a series of interviews with Matobato in September. She admitted the mistake, calling it an “oversight.”

However, Senator Richard Gordon said,

“I am umbraged by it…. We went on a very wild goose chase here, because had we known that we would not have called all these people”, referring to the Davao Police who were invited to the hearing.
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WATCH: Sen. Leila de Lima walks out of the Senate hearing after a heated argument with fellow senators. http://bit.ly/2dUmUs3
Posted by ABS-CBN News on Monday, October 3, 2016